To Our Valued Customers

Straits Financial LLC is committed to maintaining the highest integrity of our customer accounts and protecting funds on deposit.

As the chart shows, Straits maintains the majority of customer deposits in US Government Securities, Cash, or in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange IEF5 Program: a 100% liquid bank account reviewed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The deposits we maintain in physical cash, we deposit with: Banks, other licensed Carrying Brokers, or the CME.

We believe this extremely conservative approach to our investments enhances the safety and liquidity of customer deposits. Straits does not engage in proprietary trading, nor do we use repurchase agreements, or any other exotic investments to fund our operation. 100% of our focus is on you, the Customer, and on the safety of the funds you have entrusted to Straits. We encourage you to compare these practices with any other futures firms.

Please contact us with any questions.